We will make a product that suits you best

We manufacture according to the client’s subscriptions and drawings. In order to ensure a high quality and exact product, we will develop all products in co-operation with the clients.

Our product groups according to their application:

  • Finger-jointed and laminated products
  • Furniture elements
  • Door and window components for wooden houses
  • Fix products
  • Door frame components
  • Window frame components
  • Batten components
  • Lamella stocks for laminated panel manufacturers

Components for stairs industry

  • Laminated stair tread components
  • Handrails
  • Posts

According to the client’s subscriptions and requirements, we can produce

  • Knot-free 1;2;3 if 4  sides
  • Fresh-knotted – knot size according to the client’s subscriptions
  • Laminated constructional timber
  • We use both horizontal and vertical cross-cutting method as well as shouldered tenons.
  • Both tenon-jointed and drilled bed and sofa frames
  • Glass strips
  • Bed slats
  • Bed foot components
  • Load-bearing battens
  • Internal wall posts for drilled and planed houses
  • Products calibrated with certain quality, laminated products without finger joints cross-cut to the correct size.